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Granny Invader is an original AR shooting game about invading grannies.

Grannies are attempting to invade our world using their attributes and abilities like hiding, spinning or even throwing fireballs.  It is your job to stop them!  Are you ready for this crazy journey?

Use your reflexes to dodge fireballs and shoot grannies.  But at the end of the journey, a powerful boss is waiting for your challenge.


Game Title

Granny Invader AR!


App Koji Team


$1.99 (USD)



English, Japanese


iOS Exclusive (iPhone / iPad Universal)

Development Team

・Koji Murata

​・Hideki Murata

Features & Benefits

・Colorful AR game with beautiful crisp graphics

・Simple tap anywhere to shoot allowing one hand controls

・Invading grannies with different abilities appear in 25 plus challenging stages, immersing you to a beautiful world of augmented reality

・Challenging boss stages force players to move around, making an exciting yet thrilling gaming experience

​・Premium app without ads and in-app purchases

Downloads and Links

App Store Download Link

Trailer (YouTube)



It all started from this photo.

Nope, that's not flame.  It's a shrimp.

This women shown in a picture above is a very entertaining person.  I really wanted to create a game character based on her.

I started out by creating several stamps or illustration.  I even created 3D model based on her looks and appearance, but then it was left in my storage.

When Augmented Reality (AR) technology was a trending topic in technology website, I never had any serious thought on creating an app that uses such technology.  It was interesting to me, but I thought it was difficult to develop.

But when ARKit was released, it caught my attention.  Now, I know what to do with that model that was left unused.

Gathering all my ideas, the concept of Granny Invader was formed while making good use of ARKit's plane detection.  Now the model is actually being used in the boss stages.

Why did it took so long to develop?

Look at the photo above.  The women that was based on the granny character is a very funny person.  You know when you're creating something funny.  Yes, we couldn't stop laughing when designing its facial expressions, behavior and animations.  We almost passed out several times while testing, since we couldn't handle our emotions.